Sir Ganga ram hospital Queen Road Lahore jobs in 2023

Sir Ganga ram hospital Queen Road Lahore jobs in 2023

Sir Ganga ram hospital Queen Road Lahore jobs in 2023

Sir Ganga ram hospital Queen Road Lahore are invited the Pakistan suitable candidates which have the required qualificaton according to the their post and have the some some expereince. In there i will be mentioned the hundered of the jos post which are announced from these hospital. These eligibility certria will be discuss in the punjab health departement with the rule 2003 of the alllied health professional services they are announced these post according to the this company 2003 rules. For this hospital jobs post you are required the some expereince and other things which will be dicusss in the these article.

Jobs post information

This company are announced the many of the jobs post which list i willl be discuss in the below.

  1. Junior technician (Anesthesia technology) Anesthesa Asisstant.
  2. Junior Technician (Radiography & Imaging Technology) X ary
  3. Asisstant
  4. Junior Technician (Physictherapy technology) Occupational
  5. Therapist.
  6. Cardology Technology (ECG Technician)
  7. Pathology Technology (Lab asisstant)
  8. Lab technician
  9. Dress
  10. Dispenser
  11. Operation There asisstant.
  12. Operation Threate Technician
  13. Wrok shop technician
  14. Senior Mechanci
  15. Typist.

Number of the Jobs Post are announced

This hospital departement are announced the total number of the jobs post is 2000. On the above i am disucss the only Jobs post list. In these have the many of the post or vacancies.

Jobs post BPS information

Here your BPS is 9 Grade to 20 Grade. The BPS means Basic Pay scle of your post. How much pay you according to the your post. When you are promotee from the your post then your BPS will be increased.

Publihed and Last Date for this post.

This Jobs post published date is 13 01 2023. And there your last date of the applying is 28 01 2023.

Age requirement.

In there you are required the some age requirement applying candidates are need mnimum age is 18 and maximum age requirement is 28.

Terms & Condition.

In this Jobs post you are required the some terms and condition if you are follow the terms and condition for this company then you are able for the this jobs post. For this popst you are required the below terms and condition

  1. Male and female applicants having the domicile of the provinical of punjab people.
  2. For this jobs post your appoinment shall be made on the contract basis and have the under the contract appoinment policy in the 2004 initially for the period of the 3 years which are extendable subject to good perfomance.
  3. You are compelete along with the attested the photocopies for the all educational people and certificates in the these certificates have include the matric, FA, FSC certificate.
  4. In the there you will be no provided the TA DA.
  5. You are need to submitted the your Pastport size photo with the your document.

Salary Information

Pakistan this hospital provided the handsome salary of the his employee. In this you are provided the minimum salary is 50000 PKR. And your Maximum salary is 150000.

How to apply?

Are you intrested for this jobs post you want the applying for this jobs post this jobs post procedure i will be disucss in the here. for this jobs post you are visit on the here you are apply for the this jobs post.

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